A Reckless Memory | Marie Johnston

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I fled minutes before my wedding when I learned my fiancé had been paid to marry me. Ten years, too many crappy exes, and one drunken decision later, I’m now his boss.

From Marie Johnston comes a small town second chance romance.

A night out with a friend turned into shots and duping an old ex of mine into taking a job at my budding horse rescue.

The last time Ansen Barron saw me, I was fishtailing away from our wedding with his dog. When he arrives, I expect him to reverse right back down my driveway after he learns I’m his boss.

I don’t expect to find a jaded man in the place of the easygoing guy I was once engaged to. I also don’t expect my heart to race when he’s around. Or for him to treat me like I always meant more to him than a payday.

I don’t regret hiring him. He’s the best man for the job, and he’s trying to prove he’s changed, one melting kiss at a time.

But no matter how hot we are together, I can’t forget I once thought he was the best man for me and maybe it’s safer for my heart if he stays a reckless memory.

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My Thoughts:

I always love finding new authors to fall in love with their work! As a first of Marie Johnston’s work, I am now hooked! Aggie has been through a lot, yet her heart is still pure, true, and loyal. She has a complicated family situation that tugs her in two completely different directions. But I loved how she stood up to everyone and set out to build her own life on her terms.

Ansen is incredibly difficult not to fall for, despite his faults. But it’s easy to see how underneath the layer of pride, he is deeply in love with Aggie. He hasn’t had an overly easy life himself, which further adds to how much him and Aggie belong together. When in each other’s arms, they create a sense of belonging, peace, and hope for a better future.

The dynamics of the Knight family is complex, but I am definitely along for the ride as each sibling’s story is told. Their dad was a complicated, cantankerous man who thought he was doing the best for his children while simultaneously destroying bits and pieces of them. Ansen had to literally work to prove that he was worthy of Aggie’s second chance. I felt the agony she endured at handing her heart over once again. I also fell in love with how Ansen got a second chance with his own family – building a stronger, deeper connection than he ever thought possible.

I received a review copy. All opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Marie Johnston is an award-winning, best-selling writer of paranormal and contemporary romance, and a RITA® Finalist. Marie decided to pursue her passion for writing and traded in her lab coat for a laptop to write her first book ever, Fever Claim. She lives in the upper Midwest with her husband, four kids, and old kitty. Other than hanging out with her family, Marie enjoys reading, movie dates with her hubby, getting outside on sunny days, and the all too rare – girls’ night out.

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