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A year ago, I slammed into the boards for my first concussion. Fast recovery, no big deal. A month ago, I slammed into the car dash and earned my second. Along with a broken ankle and a wrecked play-off run.

Now I’m every Renegades fan’s Enemy Number One and doing time in a ritzy physical rehab facility. I’ve pretended I don’t care. That I’ll recover and reclaim my place on the team. But one more night in this joint, I might add murder and mayhem to my list of troubles.

Then she walked in.

I’m all about stepping up for my friends, but playing chaperone to a grumpy hockey player might just be one ask too many.

I knew who he was the minute I caught sight of the devastatingly handsome man having a raging meltdown in the middle of the lobby.

Who would think a harmless, I-know-who-you-are wink would awaken a monster? Much less one who decided I was the solution to his problems. But my roller derby team would be homeless in another month and he made an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Now I’m sleeping down the hall from my favorite Renegade and learning he’s more than just an abrasive jerk good on a pair of skates. Between his obsession with K-dramas he thinks I don’t know about, his possessive kisses, and the way he’s turned into my biggest derby fan, he might be just about perfect.

When he gets cleared by the team physicians, I’m ready to celebrate. He’s got his wish. He’s back in the game. He no longer needs a babysitter and before I can blink, he’s showing me the door. How did I read him so wrong?

If you’re in the mood for a grumpy hockey player facing a career-ending injury and the little bit of sunshine that thinks he’s up to the challenge of recovery, Any Other Day just might be for you. Tropes include forced proximity and mental health rep, found family and roller derby divas. This standalone romance takes place in an interconnected world (Renegades & Three Corners) with a guaranteed happily ever after.

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This slow burn hockey themed story is so much more than a sports romance! Novy and Boh give us a story that will stick to your heart for days to follow once you finish reading. From their character arcs to the foreshadowing of future couples/books, everything is paced and written to keep you fully-immersed in an incredible journey. Boh has a heavy load on his plate, but what he doesn’t expect is sunshiney Novy to twist and turn it upside down and inside out!

Novy has such a big heart and you can easily see how much she cares for people. I love the fact that she’s a roller derby girl, allowing the confidence and boldness that she hides deep inside to brightly shine when she’s on skates. She’s incredibly hardworking and doesn’t cut Boh any slack, frequently encouraging him to process more than the physical part of his injuries. She knows exactly when and how to push Boh and when to step back, allowing him room to breathe. Her friendly nature causes everyone to be drawn to her, making her relatable and fun to read!

Boh is a strong force, yet his injury is causing personal strife. His arc throughout the story is absolutely breathtaking as he fights anxiety and fear. Hockey has been his entire life. It’s understandable that his grumpy demeanor is kicked up a few notches. His friendships evolve as him and Novy spend more time together and we get to see him open up for more than hockey.

The heat between these two is well worth every page of angst and tension as we watch them build a relationship. It’s not until after some difficult conversations that Boh redeems himself, but when he does — oh my heart!! I hope to see the entire cast of characters find love in future books — absolutely a fantastic book!

About the Author:

In an effort to maintain her sanity during the pandemic, Jenna took up the important role of Avid Bruins Fan. This, from the warm southern climes of Georgia. And before she’d ever even watched a game. When she finally did see her first game, she was well and truly hooked. Well and truly obsessed. Black and gold, baby! Black and gold!

Add in a heart-felt love for romantic K-dramas and you have the magic mix that creates a Jenna McCall book.

From small town eccentrics to hockey studs to decadent billionaires, readers can expect character-driven stories with a hint of fantasy fulfillment, a dash of alpha male, and a delicious dose of the naughty bits. Real characters in typical and wacky scenarios, but always with a happily ever after.

She lives in Georgia with the most lovable goof of a mastiff named Joe and the divine being in corporeal form, Chloe the cat. We, and the rest of the world, too, exist solely to do her bidding.

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