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She was the first rule I ever broke.
She’ll be the last.

In the beginning, there was Savannah Shaw. 

Teasing me with a mischievous, merciless grin by day. 

Crawling through my window with tear-stained cheeks by night.

I was ordered to avoid her.

Lectured on her misdeeds.

Forbidden from seeing her.

But my need to protect her was innate, so natural I never questioned it.
So visceral I couldn’t fight it.

She was the first rule I ever broke, and it’s why I lost her the first time.

Now, out of nowhere, there is Sav Loveless.

World famous front woman for The Hometown Heartless,
Hollywood’s newest up-and-coming film star,
and my daughter’s idol.

Her reputation for trouble precedes her,
but the celebrity who sets foot in my small town is no longer a girl in need of protection.

She’s a woman who has saved herself, and this time, it’s my life that’s falling apart.

Maintaining the distance between us is imperative,

but everything about her pulls at every part of me.

My need to touch her clouds my logic.

My need to have her, to own her, to love her.

She’ll be the last rule I ever break, 

but this time, it will be to keep her.


Between Never and Forever is an angsty and spicy standalone contemporary romance. It follows rockstar, single father, small town, and second chance tropes, and has a guaranteed HEA. 

This book contains content that may be considered inappropriate for readers under 18.

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My Thoughts:

This book is absolutely incredible, heart wrenching, and fulfilling in a multitude of ways! She doesn’t sugarcoat the experiences that Sav has as a child/teenager and definitely doesn’t tiptoe through the daisies. Benson gives us details that make us flinch, cry, and ache at every emotion.

Sav has a rough life and Levi is her saving grace – even though he doesn’t quite realize it as a teenager. Levi has his own struggles of being the son of a pastor and a woman who has a distorted view of what it means to be a Christian. Fate keeps bringing them together, but makes them struggle for what is meant to be. Honestly, I love this. It builds up the tension of will they or won’t they and tugs on all of those emotions we keep buried. When Sav and Levi are together, the heat that flies off the pages is an absolute inferno!

The supporting cast deserves a shout out as big as Sav and Levi. Without them, there wouldn’t be so may facets to what these two go through to get to a truly happy place. The way Sav was treated when she was younger by the townspeople made me feel heartbroken, yet incredibly angry. I’ve seen similar situations first-hand and this added to my hope that they would be put in their places. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you’re looking for a read that will leave you breathless and in absolute bliss, this is a must-read!

I received an ARC for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

Meet Brit Benson

Brit Benson writes real, relatable romance novels that depict epic love. She likes outspoken, independent heroines, dirty-talking, love-struck heroes, and plots that tug on every emotion. 

Brit would almost always rather be reading or writing. When she’s not dreaming up her next swoony book boyfriend and fierce book bestie, she’s getting lost in someone else’s fictional world. When she’s not doing that, she’s probably marathoning a Netflix series or wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles in Homegoods, sniffing candles, and touching things she’ll never buy.

Brit currently resides somewhere near the Blue Ridge Parkway with her husband, daughters, dogs, and an obscene number of books.

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