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Girl on Trial
by Kathleen Fine
October 23 – November 17, 2023 Virtual Book Tour

Does doing one bad thing make you a bad person?

Sixteen-year-old Emily Keller, known by the media as Keller the Killer, is accused of causing the deaths of a family of four, including young children. Emily is one of the youngest females to be accused of a crime so heinous, making this the nation’s biggest trial of the year. But what really happened that fateful night—and who’s responsible—is anything but straightforward.

Living in a trailer park in Baltimore with her twin brother and alcoholic mother, Emily’s life hasn’t been easy. She’s had to grow up fast, and like any teen, has made questionable decisions in a desperate attempt to fit in with her peers. Will her mistakes amount to a guilty verdict and a life in prison? It’s up to the jury to decide.

Praise for Girl on Trial:

“Kathleen Fine has written a compassionate, thought-provoking thriller that will have readers asking themselves big questions about redemption while also turning the pages with breathless anticipation. From her opening pages, Fine grabbed my attention and didn’t let go until I closed the book, hardly twenty four hours later. Fine’s story reminds us that everyone has a backstory and that the root of empathy involves discovering the particulars of someone else’s history with an open heart and mind.”
~ Christie Tate, Author of Reese’s Book Club and NYT bestseller GROUP

“In her sharp debut Girl on Trial, Kathleen Fine deftly weaves the past with 16 year-old Emily Keller’s present-day manslaughter trial, allowing readers to put together the puzzle pieces of what really happened the day everyone says Emily killed an entire family. With her vivid characters and a well-developed setting, Fine evokes compassion for people trying their best and reminds us that there’s more to every story than meets the eye. Girl on Trial asks readers to wonder: are we more than our biggest mistake, and does everyone deserve redemption?”
~ Jessie Weaver, author of Live Your Best Lie

“Readers will be on edge as Emily’s decisions lead her to become involved in and vulnerable to dangerous situations… The epilogue brings the roller-coaster ride to a satisfying conclusion…. Gripping, tragic, but ultimately hopeful.”

“In Kathleen Fine’s Girl on Trial…interpersonal dynamics are revelatory… reality wars with public perception…a suspenseful thriller in which a maligned teenager is forced to fight for justice.”
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My Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a book that feels like it could be ripped from the headlines, this is a great one to choose! Emily is a 16 year old young woman who finds her world flipped on its head when she’s accused and tried for manslaughter. We get to jump back and forth between timelines of the trial to the previous year that led to the present. I felt like each glimpse at the past gives us a heads up on why things a progressing the way they are with the trial.

This poor girl doesn’t have much of a fighting chance from the very start. Her life is full of a lot of losses, yet she dreams of popularity and so much more for herself. That flame of hope is one that many others in her position quickly lose. The chapters that cover the trial give us an in-depth look at how harsh the world can be – even to a young woman. I felt that all of the teenagers were spot-on characters, showing the darker, more cruel side of who they can be based on what they hear/see without any true evidence. It opens your eyes on how the world can form opinions and treat others in the blink of an eye.

This book does cover an assortment of topics that some may find hard to read, but they are listed from the start, so you know what you’re getting into. I felt that the more I read, the more I became invested, no matter how hard the topics were. Enjoyed this debut novel!

About the Author:

Kathleen Fine received her Master’s in Reading Education from Towson University and Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from University of Maryland, College Park. She is a member of the Maryland Writers Association, International Thriller Writers, and Author’s Guild. When she’s not writing and selling real estate, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to the Outer Banks, and of course, reading anything she can get her hands on. She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, three children, and Sussex Spaniel. Her short stories have been published in Litro Magazine, Pen in Hand, The Maryland Writer’s Association Anthology, and in The Indignor Playhouse Anthology. Girl on Trial is her debut novel.

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