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My brother’s fiancée should have been mine.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. Linc was running late for their first date and he begged me to stand in until he could get there.

I only went to tell the girl to run. To warn her about my brother’s selfish ways and promise she wanted no part of it.

But then I saw her. The stunning woman with auburn hair, sky blue eyes, and freckles I wanted to memorize.

The hour I spent with Audrey was hands down the best date of my life. Until my brother showed up.

Now, I’m covering his butt again. This time at their wedding rehearsal, because Linc hasn’t learned a damn thing. Work still comes first and that says a lot, doesn’t it?

So, sure… I’ll hold Audrey’s hand at the altar. And I’ll look into her eyes and wish like hell she would realize she deserves so much more.

I should have told her to run that night two and half years ago. Because all I want to do now is what I wasn’t bold enough to do then…

Steal her away for myself.

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My Thoughts:

Kick off your summer with a road trip! This group of friends gets us started with what is sure to be a fun series that I’m going to need hard copies of to place on my bookshelf! Audrey has experienced a great loss and carries around some of the guilt for her parents’ accident. She refuses to let herself have everything she deserves because she believes that it will end in tragedy. That’s why she’s heading to Florida to marry Linc – a man who isn’t quite everything she wants in a man.

Our hero, Liam, is Linc’s brother and in fact, the man whom Audrey should have been with from the very start. After all, he stepped in when Linc asked on his and Audrey’s first date. Instead, she becomes best friends with Liam and he has to sit back while he watches her settle.

My favorite scene is when they’re in Florida and Audrey tells Liam that she didn’t get to dance. Liam gives her the best he can in that moment and instantly, I was swooning. For a brief moment, she allows herself to be in the moment without second guessing.

When the air is finally clear, I loved how Audrey (despite assuring herself that she would be the one to tear everyone apart) is actually the glue that holds everyone together. Her big heart opens a lot of doors for her, personally and professionally. For good reason, I wasn’t a fan of Linc’s, but he redeems himself a bit. I’m excited for the upcoming books of Audrey and Liam’s friends who took the ill-fated wedding trip.

“She might have worn his ring, but she’s always been mine” — my favorite quote from Liam.

I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.


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