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I just announced my engagement to a hot billionaire.

Yes, you read that right. A billionaire.

And it was announced in the New York Frigging Times.

My family is ecstatic and already celebrating.

Only they don’t know the truth.

My engagement is faker than my Chanel handbag.

My fake fiancé, Jackson Pruitt, is paying me to pretend to be in love with him so he can inherit his family’s company.

How cliché!

My parents are planning free trips to Fiji.

I’m counting down the days to end this thing.

They don’t know he’s the same man I had a one-night stand with.

Or the man who was super annoyed when Lenny at the bodega gave me his number.

And promptly left me tied up to a bed for five hours.

How rude!

Now Jackson and I are headed to the Hamptons to convince his family our love is for real.

Only I want to gag.

If the hallway bathroom incident is anything to go by, he’s not going to make this easy on me.

I’m still blushing redder than a beetroot at the sounds all one hundred guests heard.

But believe you me, I’m going to have the last laugh.

Jackson Pruitt and I may not be in love, but will I make him go down.

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This is a first of the author’s books for me and oh my goodness, my sides hurt from all the laughing I did while reading! The banter is on point, zipping and hitting at precisely the right moments from start to finish. Zara is such an enjoyable, likable heroine and I admire her personality – flaws and all. The flaws are exactly what make her big, giving heart relatable.

Jackson is a billionaire with a strong sense of entitlement. I adore how he ends up falling for Zara despite his initial feelings of betrayal after thinking she’s dishing for dirt after their incredible night together. His growth is one of the best parts of the book!

The angst builds until it explodes with a fiery heat between these two and trust me, you’re going to want to read every over-the-top-moment between these two. Definitely one of the funniest, sexiest books I’ve read this year!

About J.S. Cooper

J. S. Cooper (Jaimie Suzi) is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She is a true romantic and lives in Florida with her two dogs, Ollie and Poppy. Jaimie was born in London, England and moved to the States at age 17. She studied history in college and then went to law school, but ultimately decided to pursue her love of writing romance novels.

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