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Cinnamon Roll Hero (sin-a-mon roll he-ro): ( n ) a hero who is too sweet for this world…but will fight to the death for the people they care about

Join twenty of your favorite romance authors on our journey to prove that cinnamon rolls can still be steaming hot! These sweet, sexy heroes (and heroines!) are here to save the day, whether it’s rescuing their partner from the ghosts of their past or just showing them that they deserve to be loved, cherished, respected…and, of course, pleasured.

Noa Keawe was only supposed to be a vacation fling

Fresh off a breakup, I took off to Barcelona to find myself…and ended up finding Noa.

The hulking, tattooed man I met in a park turned out to be everything my ex wasn’t: sweet, considerate, kind. And despite the vacation ending much too soon, he found a way to see me again.

I might have found the one. But then, my ex turned up…

I can’t have my heart broken again.

When my NFL contract ended, I expected a new one, one that solidified me as a franchise player for the Norwalk Breakers. But when that new contract never materialized, my girlfriend walked.

Hoping to occupy myself during the off-season, my teammates arrange a trip to Europe. A non-stop party to help me unwind.

Except, partying has never been my scene.

That’s when I met Lena Rynel, a woman completely unconcerned with who I am and how much money I make. Mostly because I don’t tell her.

When we pick up back home, I have to tell her the truth. Or at least I should.

Sidelined is a strangers-to-lovers football romance with a cinnamon roll player, a hidden identity, and a celebrity auction that threatens to unravel it all!

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My Thoughts:

A Cinnamon Roll Hero always immediately gets my heart and Noa Keawe ran off with it today! We’re nearing the end of summer, so it was nice to slip back into a football romance as pre-season games have started.

Call it fate, kismet, good timing — whatever you want, Noa and Lena meet and discover all the feels of a vacation fling. Both are still uneasy thanks to previous relationships. Noa isn’t the type of man looking for a woman he can simply parade in front of the press, nor is he wanting a one-time hook-up. Lena spent her previous relationship letting her ex guide her every move. She isn’t looking for an overbearing man who wants to control her again. Even with Noa’s 6′-5″, 300 lb. stature, Lena quickly realizes that he’s a man with heart.

But with all good vacation flings, they all must come to an end, and we have to see if our beloved characters can actually make a go of their connection in their real lives. Both Lena and Noa are carrying secrets that they feel could ultimately destroy the potential romance they have building between them. They keep waiting for the “right” time to open up to one another, but rather than dampening their time together, they stay quiet.

I absolutely loved how calm, patient, and sweet Noa is — especially when compared to Lena’s ex. Lena has a big heart and seeing her open up to who she truly is with Noa was a beautiful character arc for her.

I received a complimentary ARC to review. All opinions are my own.

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