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Her sister’s missing. There’s a killer on her trail.

And falling for the man sworn to protect her is not an option.

Sage Watson, a heart transplant survivor, is no stranger to fighting for her life. But now an armed intruder is hunting her, and her sister–a scientist researching overseas–has vanished without a trace.

When the stakes turn deadly, Sage’s only option is to turn to her late brother’s best friend, a former Navy SEAL who still sets her heart racing. To uncover the truth, Knox Williams will have to keep Sage by his side 24/7…while resisting the undeniable desire that could compromise his sworn duty.

With ruthless enemies closing in, Knox vows to eliminate the threat against the woman he’s vowed to safeguard. But the greatest peril Sage faces isn’t the mystery surrounding her sister or the attacks on her own life–it’s losing her heart to the fearless, protective warrior who makes her feel truly alive for the first time.

Stolen Beauty, the first in the Beauty trilogy within the Arrow Tactical Series, is a steamy, suspenseful romance full of heat and mystery featuring a hot former SEAL and the woman from his past who captures his heart. There is NO cliffhanger. Stolen Beauty is an action-packed romantic suspense featuring a best friend’s younger sister, a scarred heroine in danger, proximity, virgin and a protector romance.

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I found the Arrow Tactical Series by chance, and I haven’t been able to stop being obsessed! This latest book of the series is one of the absolute BEST yet. In all parts of my life, I enjoy a good balance. For example, if I have a sweet snack, you can bet I’ll follow it with something savory. That’s how I enjoy my books – I love a good romance, but what really grabs me is how well the adventure and suspense is layered in to create the perfect storyline.

Sage and Knox are the highlight couple of my year thus far. With all of Sage’s medical history of being an organ donor recipient, I loved how she fights to live life on her terms. Yet, on the other hand, she carries a heavy load of living to honor the one who had to die so she could live, the potential next recipient in line, and so many others. It fully encompasses how she gets to be the strong one, determined to find her sister this time. Knox was the first one who made her feel alive when she was given her new lease on life at 17 and now, when she needs it the most, he’s the one who will give her those feelings again.

Knox is still adjusting to life outside of the military when Sage shows up at his door. It’s clear that he enjoys the routine and rigor of a military life, easily slipping back into his protector mode. But this time, he’s having a harder time fighting feelings since she’s not a 17-year-old kid anymore. His attempt at convincing himself that he’s not cut out for a long-term relationship is short-lived. His connection with Sage has this man practically singing his love for her through his actions and words. He’d go to the ends of the world to honor Sam’s wishes to take care of his sister. This is just a theory, but I think Sam knew exactly what he was doing sending Sage into Knox’s arms.

This story is deep – one that you’ll want to take your time with, absorbing and savoring every word. Each action and moment are important to the final result in finding Sloane. I recommend starting the series from the beginning, so you get a feel for the tactical group. It gives you a lot of insight on character responses and actions. The entire group is like one big family, and they won’t stop searching until the find the answers they seek. Once you read the final pages, you’ll be ready to dive into the next book because the tidbit we get from Max and Sloane indicate that it’s going to be a fiery adventure!

Favorite Quotes:

“You’re my first that I want to be my last. The first I want to try for. The first I’m willing to do anything for.”

“However many more days I have, I want them all to be with you.”

About the Author:

Isabel Jolie, or Izzy to her friends, is an Amazon bestselling Indie author with an unquenchable thirst for a good, sexy love story. Izzy’s contemporary romance novels feature strong heroines, down-to-earth realism, and unexpected twists.

When she’s not writing or reading, she can often be found with a glass of wine in hand relaxing with her husband, daughters, or good friends lakeside.

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