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Derek Miller is sick of being a joke. Everyone important in his life is moving forward except him. He’s honored to be a groomsman for his good friends Mike and Zoe’s TV wedding special, taking place where they all met, but he can’t help but feel down being back where the whole world decided he wasn’t good enough. He only wants to find someone who sees him for who he really is.

Vera Watson is desperate for a break from reality. Funny enough, she decides the Reality TV wedding of her best friend, Zoe, is the perfect time for finding some much-needed vacation fun. And by fun, she means a hot man to make her feel good, and Derek seems like the perfect option on paper. When in Rome—or in this case, St. Thomas—you better live your best life.

When Derek and Vera immediately hit it off, they must navigate the long wedding weekend full of friends, family, and all of the cameras that come with being on a Reality TV special. Despite agreeing on being together “just for the wedding” will one taste ever be enough?

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Liz Zerkel has mastered the novella! Of course, like any good book (novella or full-length) I always want more of a couple, but she manages to give me everything I’m looking for in a good read. Derek and Vera’s story fulfills my romance-loving heart and adds fun and unique moments that stick to my heart.

The wedding of former show contestants is the catalyst for bringing them together, but the focus is clearly on these two. Physically, Derek is fit as a fiddle, but he has a lot of self-doubt that he needs to overcome. Vera is curvy, but she totally rocks it — and Derek absolutely adores every single curve that she owns.

The chemistry between these two is immediate, albeit with a few challenges. Vera is looking for “just for the wedding” fun, but Derek is starting to feel that need for something more long-term. Their connection leaves your skin tingling with the heat and connection they find together. This would definitely make for a fun getaway read!

About Liz Zerkel

Liz Zerkel writes romance with a focus on humor, heart, and spice. She is also a podcaster with various shows including Dick of the Week where she and her co-host discuss everything they love (and sometimes hate) about romance and Love & Lust, a romance audiodrama. She lives in St. Louis with her comedian husband and two black cats, Phantom Cat and Shelley. When not behind the keyboard or microphone, she can be found reading, daydreaming about her next camping trip, or finding her new favorite restaurant to try. You can find out more at www.lizzerkel.com.

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