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Balance was her forte…except in her love life.

Lettie, small town dance teacher, is married to her ballet studio. When she loses her skirt in a busy coffee shop, Andrew chases her down to return it and ask for a date, but she closes the curtains on his offer. As the success of her Valentine’s Recital is threatened, will she be willing to change her tune and open her heart?

This is a part of the Fourteen Shades of Red Collection. It can be read as a standalone, but from firsthand knowledge, I can tell you that you’ll love reading through all the short stories.

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This short romance is full of everything I look for in a full-length novel — and then some! I loved the pairing of a ballerina/dance studio owner with a piano player/teacher. What a beautiful match!

Lettie is used to men who can’t handle her demanding schedule life as a dance studio owner. She loves her small town life and her business. Instead of a Christmas recital, Lettie has planned one for Valentine’s Day to help parents from being overwhelmed at the holidays. She is busy putting everything in place when she has a run-in with a handsome stranger named Andrew.

Andrew sees Lettie and he knows he’s gone. She attempts to brush him off, claiming that every ounce of energy she has is wrapped up in her business. But then Andrew sets out to prove that she can have the best of both worlds. The passion between these two dances/plays right off the page!

About the Author:

Kelsey Woods is the author of debut novel, Lovingly Restored. She wrote her first book on a typewriter at five years old. While ‘Sugar The Adventurous Hummingbird’ was lovely, she now prefers using her Microsoft Surface to bring you spicy contemporary romance.

Kelsey can be found attached at the hip to her emotional support Kindle or in recreation centre workout classes with women in their seventies.

Mother of two daughters and police wife, she lives on beautiful Vancouver Island and will brag about her proximity to the Pacific Ocean at every opportunity.

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