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The Red-Hot Stakes

Gina Rossi is always up for a good bet, until she is gambling with her heart.

Gina’ s one dream is to buy her own bar and run it the way she wants. But until she finishes her business degree, she is stuck working at The High Five, listening to bad karaoke and serving bland chili.

When the annoyingly handsome Liam Davenport decides to become a regular patron, Gina couldn’ t be more frustrated. Sure he tips well, but he pushes all her buttons. The only time she can stand him is when he sings karaoke, and she loses herself in his velvet voice.

The last thing Gina expects is to fall for the brash, arrogant man, but he slowly wins her over. Soon she can’ t imagine being with anyone else. When a mysterious blackmailer threatens to tear apart their new life together, she has to gamble with the highest stakes of her life. Her heart.

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What a conclusion to the Sweet Nothings Series! Even when books can be read as a standalone, I always recommend reading the previous books in the series so you can get a full immersion into the backstory of all the characters.

Personally, I always put enemies or frenemies at the top of my list — the banter and tension are the best! With love all around them, these two were inevitable. Fighting their attraction gave me all the feels for these two. Gina’s character arc is exquisitely built, bringing her full circle with how much she grows. She learns to trust deeper and allow herself to be vulnerable (in the positive way!). Liam’s support and love for her helps encourage her, opening both of them up to find love just as their friends did. I love how underneath his tough exterior, Liam has a big heart and can actually be quite a sweetheart.

There is the perfect amount of spice within the pages and it’s balanced well with the storyline. The entire series is binge-able with all the best tropes!

Sweet Nothings Series

Book 1 – The Cupcake Standard

Avery doesn’ t believe in true love, so fake dating the man of her dreams should be a piece of cake.

Avery Milbourne will do anything to get out of dinner with her famous, overbearing mother. Even kiss a stranger. It doesn’ t hurt that he’ s tall, dark, handsome, and wearing a very grabbable tie.

Gearing up to finish college, along with everything else happening in her life, Avery has no time for a relationship. But when the stranger turns out to be wealthy billionaire Derek Elgin, she thinks twice. Accepting Derek’ s offer to enter into a fake relationship and move in with him seems to solve all her problems. She doesn’ t expect to fall for him, but within Derek’ s quiet steadiness, Avery finds a retreat she is loath to give up.

But true love is a myth, and Avery’ s relationship with Derek isn’ t real, so where does that leave her?

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Book 2 – The Jellybean Dilemma

Rhonda Elgin is turning over a new leaf, especially if it means rekindling an old flame.

Newly single, Rhonda Elgin has secretly wanted her chauffeur and long-time friend, Greg Peterson, for several years. But after her attempt to land him went awry, she’ s had to watch him from a distance.

Now that Greg has returned as her chauffer, Rhonda wants a second chance. When Greg asks her to be his last-minute date for his sister’ s wedding on New Year’ s Eve, she leaps at the chance. She can’ t pass up the opportunity to spend the holiday away from the pressure of her old life. Nor can she pass up the chance at getting Greg to notice her. Even it is in cold, snowy Northern Michigan.

An incoming blizzard strands the maid of honor, creating the perfect opportunity to prove to everyone that Rhonda is more than a spoiled, billionaire heiress. And just maybe she can fan the sparks between her and Greg into a flame along the way.

This book contains a scene of attempted sexual assault, as well as instances of blackmail, panic attacks, and claustrophobia.

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Maren Jenner lives in Michigan with her supportive husband and spunky daughter. She loves writing, and, when she’s not working on her next book, she’s got her nose in a different one. Her summers are spent on any lake she can visit, but the beaches of Lake Michigan are her favorite.

The Cupcake Standard was her debut novel, though she’s been writing for as long as she can remember. It’s always been a dream to become a full time author. Her dreams wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of her family and friends.

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