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All I wanted to do was be me, for one night. I didn’t want to be the number one quarterback in the league. I just wanted to be Nate. I couldn’t tell you exactly what made me stop at that dive bar on the outskirts of town, but it changed my life.

Our connection was instant and undeniable. Our night together was explosive, which led to another, and then another. No strings. Neither of us had time in our busy lives for more. 

When tragedy strikes, we part ways, but those strings we swore were not there tethered me to her. An invisible line from my heart to hers. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed. I still want her.


After a long day at work, the last thing I should have done was stop at a seedy establishment at the edge of town, but something had me pulling my car into the lot and going inside. The place was empty, except one man. An impossibly gorgeous guy with sexy eyes as dark as the night.

I threw caution to the wind and invited him home. Our night together was magic, and when it came time to part ways, we both decided not to. No strings. Just great sex.

However, our time is cut short when he sustains an injury on the field and leaves, breaking my heart into a thousand pieces on his way out the door. What was supposed to be just for fun turned out to be anything but, and when he returns to town years later, I realize I’m in trouble. My heart still craves him.

My Thoughts:

I’ve never been one to watch and learn — but Nate Vaughn has me changing my ways! I love a couple who has hearts that know well before the head catches up. It’s obvious from the very moment they meet that this is a true connection, but because of their current places in life, Nate and Oaklyn attempt to keep their relationship casual. When a career-ending injury shakes up Nate’s life, he knows he can’t drag Oaklyn down with him.

All of my emotions, my head, and my heart wanted to be angry with Nate for tucking his tail and running, but I understood his reasoning. Honestly, it was the best thing he could’ve done for Oaklyn. Perhaps he could have communicated that — but then we wouldn’t have intense build of setting us up for absolute perfection with a second chance, now, would we? Oaklyn is strong, dedicated, and loyal. She’s everything I love to see in a heroine. Even when faced with complications, she stays firm, never lowering herself to the aggressor’s level.

The heat between these two is off the charts HOT! They are so connected that they read each other like their favorite book and give as good as they get. Trust me — once you read this book, you’ll watch and learn every chance you get, too!




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Rebel Shaw is the alter ego of the romance writing duo Lacey Black and Kaylee Ryan.




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