Along Came the Girl | Kacie West

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Lieutenant Owen Mckinley swore to uphold the two cardinal rules at his new firehouse.

1. No drama 

2. No dating the chief’s daughter 

But three shots two margaritas and one spider steered little miss muffet straight into his arms. He had no idea the blazing beauty was the boss’s daughter until it was too late. 

Now two pink lines sent everything up in smoke. 

Can they find a way to turn one night into more or will it all go up in flames?

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Author Duo Jenni Bara and AJ Ranney.

Laugh. Love. Lust

My Thoughts:

It’s always the forbidden ones that steal a good man’s heart! After one night of a bit too much fun, Cece and Owen find themselves in a bit of a pickle — and it makes for a fun read. I love how Owen approaches the situation by being straightforward and willing to step up and beyond the plate. He’s protective in a sweet, non-overbearing kind of way that will have you swooning for your own version of Owen!

I haven’t read Kelly’s book, but I felt that enough detail was included for me to read this as a standalone.

I also loved how so many good laughs are wrapped up in a serious situation. After getting a few head turns of people around me, I started telling them about this book. If you love a laugh-out-loud, unexpected pregnancy trope, dive right into this one!

I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes.

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