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Kim Cano is my featured author for April! I connected with her over a decade ago in 2013 when she did a book tour with a company I was reviewing for at the time. Ever since, I’ve kept in touch and devour all of the books she’s continued to write. You’ll want to check out my feature of her newest release – The Healing Train – after you read through my interview.

Hi Kim! Tell my readers a little about you.

My name is Kim Cano. I’m the author of six women’s fiction novels. Readers say my books are about strong women who struggle but survive, hard-won second chances, family life, and friendship.

Where do you draw inspiration for your stories or characters?

My story ideas are often based on something that happened to someone I know.

Can you share the origin or initial spark that led to your first book?

A Widow Redefined was my first novel. That one came to me almost fully formed, and I just wrote it. But the origin of my third novel, Eighty and Out, came from my mom. She told me that she and her younger sister made a pact not to live past age eighty when they were kids. Of course, they didn’t do such a thing as adults, but it sounded like a good idea for a book.

How do you develop your plotlines and characters? Do you outline extensively, or are you a pantster?

I’m a panster that knows the ending and some key scenes. I wish I could outline extensively because I could write way more books.

What does a typical writing day look like for you?

Chaotic. My best writing days are when the internet goes down, or I stay up late and work when no one is around.

Are there any specific rituals or habits that aid your writing process?

I wear headphones and listen to a study music video on YouTube that drowns out all other sounds.

What techniques do you use to create relatable and multifaceted characters?

I usually base characters on people I know, and that’s why they seem so real. But occasionally, a fictional character will become more of who they are as I write the story. They often don’t do what I thought they would, and I have to rethink the plot.

Which authors or books have significantly influenced your writing style or storytelling?

A non-fiction book called Intuitive Editing by Tiffany Yates Martin. I own the audiobook and listen to it once a year. I also love Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody.

Are there particular genres or authors you enjoy reading for pleasure?

I read a lot in my own genre and enjoy action/adventure, thriller, and post-apocalyptic fiction.

Have you had any remarkable discoveries or insights during your research process that shaped your

Yes, I have learned many things I didn’t know when researching a book.

What themes or messages do you aim to convey through your books?

Although I write standalones, some repeated themes are healing and forgiveness.

What are the most challenging aspects of writing a book and/or series?

The most challenging aspect for me is finishing the first draft. I know I shouldn’t polish prose until the second draft, but I do it on the first one, which slows me down. I’m trying to break this habit.

Could you share a particularly rewarding moment or experience during the creation of your books?

I finally made my brother a character in my latest novel, The Healing Train. He’s hilarious in real life, and his character makes readers laugh, which is hard to do in a book about battling breast cancer.

Can you provide any hints or insights into your upcoming projects or books in the pipeline?

I’m working on a novel I started years ago. It takes place in a country I haven’t been to yet, and I set it aside when my trip got canceled a month before the pandemic started. I am hoping to get to this country before writing the second draft.

Are there any genres or themes you’d like to explore in your future writing?

Most of my books are emotional book club reads. I’d like to write something lighter but haven’t had any ideas for light-hearted books. I guess it’s not who I am.

How can readers connect with you?

Website: www.kimcano.com
Amazon: https://amazon.com/author/kimcano
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimCanoAuthor/

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