The Healing Train | Kim Cano

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A devastating diagnosis. A family with a broken past. Embark on an uplifting journey of love, hope, and the ultimate second chance.

When health-conscious Sarah gets diagnosed with breast cancer, her world spins out of control. She’s supposed to grow old with her husband and see her daughter graduate college. Her future is all planned out. Getting sick wasn’t part of her plan.

Friends and family rally around Sarah as she battles the disease. Her best friend offers inspirational advice while her mother takes her to treatment, her daughter makes green juice, and her older brother provides emotional support and makes her laugh with his ever-present potty mouth.

Then Sarah’s estranged father returns. She gave up on him long ago and doesn’t want to reconnect, but he won’t go away, so she’s stuck dealing with him at the worst possible time. His presence forces her to face a past she’d rather forget as she uses all her strength to fight for her life.

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Cancer is one of those situations that seems to affect nearly every single person in the world – whether it’s personally or a close family member or friend. Facing a diagnosis is difficult on everyone, but this book gives you a chance to see it through Sarah’s eyes. You feel the emotion as she faces the diagnosis and all of the family drama that ensues throughout the process. Knowing that Kim, herself, has gone through breast cancer, she gives us a story that tugs at the heartstrings, yet leaves you feeling fulfilled with love.

Sarah is already facing an assortment of emotion because of her diagnosis, including her desire to live through the treatments and to continue being there for her family. I felt her struggle when she is already dealing with a lot on her plate and here comes her estranged father, adding yet another layer of complications.

The reopening, followed by healing, of old wounds takes your emotions on a journey, building your heart with courage, empathy, and a hope that if you were ever in Sarah’s shoes, you’d find happiness no matter what you faced.

About the Author:

Kim Cano is the author of six women’s fiction novels: A Widow Redefined, On the Inside, Eighty and Out, His Secret Life, When the Time Is Right, and The Healing Train. She writes emotionally charged book club reads about second chances, family life, and friendship.

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