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Vera Bitter is dead, but her secrets have yet to be buried.

After the tragic death of Bridget’s parents, her grandmother took her in. Vera Bitter raised her from behind a closed door—cold and uncaring from the moment she arrived at Bitter House. After Bridget’s high school graduation, Vera kicked her out without so much as a goodbye, and Bridget never heard from her again. Which is why, when she receives word of Vera’s passing and discovers she’s inherited the family manor, she’s immediately filled with dread.

Those worries are amplified when she arrives at Bitter House after years away to find an enigmatic piece of her past waiting for her. Growing up, there was only one person Bridget distrusted more than her grandmother, and that was Cole Warner—the son of Vera’s house manager and the bane of her childhood existence. Now, he’s her new housemate.

Owning the house she was once forced to leave with a man she’s always despised forces Bridget to confront feelings and questions she’s been running from since the day she was driven away from Bitter House.

Then the first letter arrives.

And with it, a world of secrets, darkness, and deception is unlocked. Years ago, Bridget tried and failed to find sanctuary inside the shadowy halls of Bitter House, and as she struggles to imagine a future there now, she discovers a terrifying truth: behind the iron gate and stone walls of the old estate, nothing is quite what it seems. Bitter House has secrets and, if she can’t decide whom to trust, danger lies in wait.

From million-copy bestselling author Kiersten Modglin comes a bone-chilling, compulsively page-turning, and achingly addictive thriller set within the walls of a mysterious old manor with a sinister secret.

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This book grabbed ahold of me and did not let go from the very start! I love when a book starts making me think I need to collect and categorize all the little details as I work through the psychological aspects. I appreciated the dual pov/timeline and fast pace. It never felt stagnant and kept me on my toes!

Bridget comes into inheriting the very place that she was forced to endure a cold childhood from her callous grandmother, Vera Bitter. A fun twist is that she is inheriting it 50/50 alongside Cole, who also grew up in Bitter House. The romance has a few odd places in it for me as it develops, but overall, I felt like it added more than it took away from the storyline.

The letters were my favorite part, adding so many layers and intrigue as they kept arriving. The story is heavy-laden with secrets, each one building up to moments that make you gasp and your mouth fall open in surprise. I couldn’t go to sleep without knowing how it all ends — grab this book!

About Kiersten Modglin:

KIERSTEN MODGLIN is a #1 bestselling author of psychological thrillers. Her books have sold over 1.5 million copies and been translated into multiple languages. Kiersten is a member of International Thriller Writers, Novelists, Inc., and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She is a KDP Select All-Star and a recipient of ThrillerFix’s Best Psychological Thriller Award, Suspense Magazine’s Best Book of 2021 Award, a 2022 Silver Falchion for Best Suspense, and a 2022 Silver Falchion for Best Overall Book of 2021. Kiersten grew up in rural western Kentucky and later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where she now lives with her family. Kiersten’s readers across the world lovingly refer to her as “KMod.” A binge-watching expert, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys rainy days spent with her favorite people and evenings with her nose in a book.

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