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An icy, broody professor, a sweet, kind-hearted student, and a forbidden love that changes everything.

The first time I met Ryland Anderson, I sprawled at his feet in his classroom. His glare burned right through me and turned my world upside down.

He was a storm, and I was caught in his pull, a whirlwind where we collided. Every stolen glance and charged silence defied the boundaries set before us, blurring the line we couldnโ€™t cross.

It was all kinds of wrong, and we both knew it. Yet, the pull between us made right or wrong irrelevant, as if our hearts knew something our minds refused to admit.

Then, an impossible choice tore us apart before anything could happen between us. I thought my decision would calm the storm and Ryland Anderson would just become a memory.

I couldnโ€™t have been more wrong.

Because the storm never stopped. It was merely gathering strength.

When Ryland crashes back into my life again, the spark between us turns into an inferno.

Still off-limits and still my professor, the storm we thought we escaped is now impossible to outrun. But the stakes are higherโ€”his reputation, my future, and everything we stand for hang in the balance.

How can I resist when the whirlwind refuses to let go of my heart? And what will happen when it all comes crashing down?


  • Professor/Student
  • Primal Play
  • Billionaire
  • Age gap
  • Forbidden
  • Excellent grovel
  • Tons of Angst
  • Grumpy/Sunshine
  • Tortured Hero
  • Found Family
  • Bromance
  • Dual POV
  • Standalone and HEA

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If you love forbidden/teacher/professor tropes, then THIS is the one to change the game for all future books! Honestly, other books have made me cringe at the execution of the plot. But this one completely blew me out of the water.

Millie and Ryland have an instant chemistry that brings all the emotions to the table. Millie is a beautifully developed character who pushes Ryland out of his grumpy comfort zone. I loved her ability to push back when warranted. Ryland is obsessed with her in the way we love our book boyfriends to be. Attentive, intuitive, and fully invested in his protective nature when it comes to her. I love how he saw beyond her sunshiney persona and divulged into who Millie really is at the core. His broody, damaged history provides plenty of angst that I’ve come to love from the author. She is truly a master at pulling your heart and mind toward the characters and their situations.

My favorite part was the push-pull between these two. It amped the heat and spice up to where I kept physically fanning myself. I absolutely melted at how these two couldn’t stay apart. And his groveling!! They both knew what they wanted and together, they pull all the cards out to bring the best out of their situations and make this absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

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Victoria is a lover of all things romance, including movies, books, and television shows. A hopeless romantic since childhood, she is always dreaming up stories and happily ever afters. Caramel lattes are her fuel in the morning and she can usually be found reading anything she can get her hands on. She lives with her family and a beautiful Siberian husky in sunny California.

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