When Hearts Ignite | Victoria Lum

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A cold-hearted billionaire, a fiery intern, and a forbidden love that defies the odds.

He’s the King of Wall Street—cold, methodical, unemotional. Steven Kingsley is the glorious falcon soaring far above me.

I’m the poor, lowly intern—a small fish in this cutthroat ocean of finance, struggling to keep my head above water.

The falcon and the fish were never meant to fall in love. After all, his heart is made of ice, and life has taught me rich men cannot be trusted.

But my body craves him, my heart ignites for him, and from his heated stares and maddening touches, I wonder if perhaps he feels the same.

Until one day, the unimaginable happens, and I disappear from his life. I’ve had to become someone I never thought I’d be in order to survive.

That is, until he finds me.

The cold king is intent on saving me, and this time, he isn’t letting go. Our wills collide, an inferno blazes, but our devastating secrets get in the way.

Can the fish and the falcon find a way to be together? Or is our love doomed from the start?

Tropes in When Hearts Ignite:

  • Boss employee
  • Billionaire
  • Lots of angst
  • Touch her and you’ll regret it
  • Forbidden
  • Good girl getting into questionable situation
  • Tortured hero
  • Secrets, twists, and spice

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Prepare for your own heart to ignite when you start reading this book! Angst has been one of the author’s strong suits, but this is next level. Steven and Grace have a dynamic that draws you in, aptly curious as to how they’re going to fight to achieve an HEA.

Steven has a personality that draws you in like a moth to a flame. His strength, dedication, and ability to go after the best while simultaneously achieving the best is spectacular to watch in action. But what he’s excelling at in his professional life, he’s lacking in his personal life. We get to see the changes start to occur once Grace enters his life, pushing him to grow in ways he never imagined desiring.

Grace forms an unlikely friendship with Steven, helping him find new sources of strength, all within himself. She’s such a breath of fresh air, following her own path of development that has her growing into a woman of tenacious nature.

I love the bit of a twist on the standard office/workplace romance and how captivating the romance is between these two. It’s like a strategically-timed dance that has your heart pounding at precisely the perfect moments. When Steven realizes how crucial of a piece of his team (and his life!) Grace is, it’s nearly too late. They become like a well-oiled machine, working together and making things happen. But when she leaves, my heart shattered with his. And what Grace goes through before returning? It’s a wonder how she holds onto her core nature.

The stage is set and I’m excited to see where The Orchid series can go from here!

About the Author:

Victoria is a lover of all things romance, including movies, books, and television shows. A hopeless romantic since childhood, she is always dreaming up stories and happily ever afters. Caramel lattes are her fuel in the morning and she can usually be found reading anything she can get her hands on. She lives with her family and a beautiful Siberian husky in sunny California.

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