The Brightest Spark | Victoria Lum

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What if the person she despises is the perfect man for her?

He’s known as a Casanova, a flirt, a philanderer.
But to me, he’s nothing but a pain in the neck.
We’re like oil and water, fire and explosives – a volatile mix that can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Twelve years ago, Jack Szeto was the bad boy with the lip ring and panty-melting grins.
I was the goodie-two-shoes with the fancy last name who never fell for his act.

Now, he’s a devil in an expensive suit – the Jack of all trades who still has the power to seduce women from all walks of life.

When my best friend begged me to model in a sexy photoshoot for an upcoming romance novel from a bestselling author, I agreed without knowing Jack would be one of my partners in the racy sessions.

Suddenly, every room with him in it feels stifling. Every brush of his body against mine feels intoxicating. And the intensity in his gaze threatens to blaze through my carefully erected barriers.

I’m forced to wonder if his bad boy persona is all an act or if I’m going to be another woman falling victim to his charms.

Or maybe he’s the brightest spark I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Tropes for The Brightest Spark:
✔️Unrequited love
✔️Opposite sides of the tracks
✔️Enemies to lovers (from the female character’s perspective)
✔️Touch her and you’ll regret it
✔️Forced proximity
✔️Bad boy with good girl
✔️Swoon and light angst and holidays!

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My Thoughts:

Victoria Lum was a new author to me when I started the LA Hearts series but now, her words feel like home when I pick up her books! This entire series has been phenomenal, powerful, and stick-to-your-heart kind of reads.

From the moment we got a taste of Jack in the previous book, I knew I was going to like him. He’s the charismatic bad boy who has been trying to make himself worthy of a young woman who is his very opposite. I love how he has worked so hard to build himself from the ground up. It softens his edges knowing that he’s willing to put in the work where it counts.

Sarah has always been the quintessential good girl and Jack was not on her radar for being a guy she could find herself with. Everyone views her in a certain light because of her family’s money. I love how she is nearly blind to the fact that Jack could see her for so much more. Her desires are far beyond what wealth and privilege bring to the table.

The photoshoot, along with their banter, is such a provocative moment between these two. I can’t imagine the story having been written any other way. It’s absolute perfection for Jack and Sarah, bringing the best of each of them to the table.

About the Author:

Victoria is a lover of all things romance, including movies, books, and television shows. A hopeless romantic since childhood, she is always dreaming up stories and happily ever afters. Caramel lattes are her fuel in the morning and she can usually be found reading anything she can get her hands on. She lives with her family and a beautiful Siberian husky in sunny California.

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