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Former hockey star Declan Dash loves to play the game, and the one with his friend’s little sister, Violet Spears? He plans to win…

Running into your brother’s billionaire ex-hockey-playing best friend at a special kind of party should have been a red flag. Pulling one another’s names from a bowl at said party was a coincidence. Having a wild night together that we said we’d forget was probably our mistake. Especially when Declan shows up weeks later as the new owner of the hockey team that practices in Lake Spark, and he has an offer for me.

Meet him every day in his hotel room for a week to enjoy a little fling while he passes through town.

Yep, I stupidly agree. But the man has a few talents, and I need to take a lunch break from my flower shop anyway. Except, our timeline gets extended and the game Declan plays doesn’t come with a rule book. The lines between us get blurry. My brother will go through the roof if he ever finds out that his friend laid a finger on me, but it’s my heart that feels fragile because I can’t figure out if we have a future or if I’m just a big game where he’s been waiting to score…

Declan and Violet bring the heat in this brother’s-best-friend and billionaire romance. Waiting to Score can be read as a complete standalone and is the first book in the Lake Spark Off-Season series which is a spin-off of the Lake Spark series. For lovers of small-town romance with a touch of hockey.

My Thoughts:

My favorite quote: ”Aren’t paper flowers for forever?” Declan’s eyes stayed locked with mine. “That‘s the point.”

I love a next-gen addition to a series that brings characters we already know to the forefront (whether they’re siblings, children, etc.). We get a glimpse back at previous characters and see their growth as individuals as well as their families!

Violet and Declan are acquaintances who have, out respect for Ford, admired each other from afar. Violet has the stereotypical personality of wanting a man to settle down with, kids, and a small town life. Declan has never desired a relationship beyond fun and short-term. When Violet sets her mind on this approach to relationships, they are drawn together.

These two have incredible chemistry and nearly set the fire alarm off while I was reading — they’re HOT! Let’s just say that I will never look at maple syrup the same! From the get-go, they begin to break rules of a casual relationship without even realizing it. They develop something deeper through their talks, the banter, and all those little things (paper birds, coffee, etc.).

Declan feels a drive to stay connected to hockey and a big responsibility weighs on him for not stepping in with the family business. I admire how he remains firm in following his own dream for his career. And once he lets his heart have a little more input? WOW! He’s exactly the perfect match for Violet!

Violet is super sweet and not really cut out for the casual relationship thing, as much as she attempts to. But her and Declan find each other at precisely the right time and we see her blossom (much like the flowers in the shop she owns!). She has such a big heart and often carries her own familial weight that isn’t really hers to carry.

There is plenty of spice while you’re watching these two fall in love that you’ll be swooning in no time!

I received a complimentary ARC for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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About the Author:

Evey writes heartwarming romances with steamy moments, often in small-town settings with an element of sports. An American from the Midwest, she now lives in a tiny country in Europe where it rains a lot. That is probably why she occupies her days typing away on her laptop with music on repeat and slow-roast coffee nearby. Oh, and she vows to never break up with cake.


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