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Beauty and the Beast meets Freeform’s Cruel Summer in this dark captive romance. One girl searches for her missing best friend while the other wakes up in a dangerous man’s basement. Both are falling for a man they can’t have . . .


My best friend is missing, and everyone wants to know what happened to beautiful, perfect Noelle van Buren.

But the deeper we get into our search, the closer I get to Theo St. James, Noelle’s boyfriend. Nothing can happen between us. We don’t know if Noelle’s still out there, if she’ll come back someday.

Except . . . I can’t seem to stay away.


When I wake up bound and gagged in someone’s basement, Beau Grayson is watching me. I’ve seen him on my college campus, but I barely know him. He’s beautiful, mysterious, and rumor has it, dangerous.

Now, he’s keeping me here, and I have no idea when I’ll get out. If I’ll escape this. Because, against every instinct, I’m falling for him. 

But who could fall in love with their kidnapper?

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My Thoughts:

Beauty and the Beast re-telling with a Freeform Cruel Summer twist — YES! This book was devoured within a couple of hours and I have absolutely no regrets. The title – Captivate Me – is absolute perfection because that is exactly what this book did.

I love that we get four POVs – Cassie, Noelle, Beau, and Theo. You get a good feel for the tension through each of them, adding dark, delicious layers that add to the excitement you’ll feel while reading. Going into the book with the knowledge that all the characters are textbook definition of morally grey, I couldn’t wait to see that grey area be explored with all of them. And Harmony West did not disappoint!

The spice is on fire and helps give depth to understanding more about Noelle and her underlying personality that she’s been forced to hide from the world. I swooned when her artwork binds them together — absolutely stole my heart! I don’t usually read too dark of books, but I found this one to be such an excellent balance of the dark with light — in a unique, twisted way.

Definitely add this book to your cart and start reading now!

I received a complimentary ARC to review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Harmony West writes romantic suspense and forbidden romance. She enjoys her love stories with a side of mystery, twists, and spice. She lives and writes in New England.

For updates on Harmony West’s latest releases, visit her website at

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