Eight Years Gone | Cate Beauman

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A steamy second chance…

Jagger Tennyson never had it easy, but that all changes when Dr. Steven Evans knocks on his front door. Leaving poverty and hopelessness behind, Jagger creates a life he’s been too afraid to dream of. But tragedy strikes late one night, and everything falls apart. Jagger is forced to walk away, leaving the woman he loves.

Grace Evans grew up with wealth and privilege, but she’s no stranger to loss and pain. When she meets the gorgeous boy from the wrong side of the tracks, everything changes for the better. Grace has never loved anyone the way she loves Jagger. But he vanishes on the night that nearly destroys her.

Eight years later, Jagger comes home, and nothing is how it was supposed to be. Dreams were shattered, and trust was broken, but he wants to make things right. He’ll do whatever it takes to fight for Grace, but proving he still loves her won’t be easy.

When tragedy befalls Grace again, Jagger can help her pick up the pieces. But can Grace forgive the past?

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My Thoughts:

As a romance reader, I often feel like I read in “seasons”. I don’t mean summer, fall, winter, spring, but more along the lines of a certain trope gets me hooked and that’s all I want to read. Second chance has never been at the top of my list, but Cate Beauman has given us the gift of her words in such a wonderful book that I can now say I’m in my second chance season!

Jagger and Grace fulfill the opposites attract/different worlds with deep character arcs that has an underlying lesson of redemption. Seeing these two be ripped apart, only to return right back to each other, I loved how it gives us hope that all that has happened is for good reason. We get to see trust built on a deeper, more mature level, all the while knowing that if it falters or fails, the pain it causes may be too much to come back from again.

If you’re in your second chance season or happen to have the trope as a favorite, give this book a read. It’s full of emotion (I cried quite a few times!) and felt a heaviness in my chest as these two struggled to lay the past to rest and live in the present together. Sometimes I felt frustrated with both Jagger and Grace that I wished I could give them a hard shake.

About the Author:

Cate Beauman is the multi-award-winning, international bestselling author of The Bodyguards

of L.A. County series and the Carter Island Trilogy. She is known for her full-length, action-packed romantic suspense and contemporary stories.

Cate’s novels have been named Readers’ Favorite Five Star books and have won the Booksellers’ Best Award, Maggie Award for Excellence, the Holt Medallion Award, two-time Aspen Gold Medal, two-time Readers’ Favorite International Gold Medal, three-time Readers’ Favorite International Silver Medal, and the Readers’ Crown Award.

Cate makes her home in New Hampshire with her family and their St. Bernards, Bear and Jack.

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