Forever in the Country | Alexandra Hale

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She’s a force to be reckoned with and everything I’ll never deserve.

Just one taste and I’ll set fire to my past to keep her.

I’ve given my life to protect the ones I love.

My sister.

My country.

My hometown.

An injury overseas has me back in Clementine Creek before the ink on my discharge papers has time to dry.

It’s a loss I feel deep in my bones.

Nothing in my life has ever been permanent – the good things always have one foot out the door.

Except her.

Rhea Thayer is my best friend’s little sister.

But she’s not so little anymore.

She smells like frosting and feels like a sanctuary I haven’t earned.

I need to be better. I want to do this right. 

When she forces my hand, all bets are off.

An unstoppable inferno rages between us. It’s a need I know will never be sated.

Just when happiness seems within reach, the unthinkable happens.

And everything I’ve worked for since I was fourteen is at stake.

How can you take a chance on forever when all you see is your past?

My life hangs in the balance of a single choice. I just pray I won’t lose it all.

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My Thoughts:

There is always something bittersweet about a series coming to an end. You’ve devoted time, love, attention, and tears to an entire cast of characters who slip into your heart. But there is also an incredible feeling of satisfaction that comes with a conclusion. Everyone is happy, in love, and building their futures together.

Sorren has been a part of the Thayer bunch for quite a long time. He’s always carried a thick shell around himself, but throughout the series, we’ve been exposed to tiny glimpses as the shell softens – especially when it comes to Rhea. They’ve known each other for a long time, their feelings being held close to their own hearts as they’ve practically been family.

These two have such a beautiful chemistry laced through the darkness that Sorren has carried. I adored how well they worked together, encouraging each other to go for their dreams. And when they finally come together as more than friends/found family – oh yes! The emotion helped add to their growth, rather than take away from it, giving this book the number one spot in my heart of the series. But DO NOT read this one first. You’ll mess up the experience it took to get here!

Meet Alexandra Hale:

Alexandra Hale is a small town girl living with her family in Upstate New York. She routinely runs on caffeine, dry shampoo and thrives on procrastination. 

A romance lover and reading enthusiast, Alexandra finally began putting pen to paper shortly after graduating college. An unobtainable dream has slowly become a reality with the love and support of her friends and family and the romance community. 

She currently writes steamy, small town romance with a dash of lighthearted fun and happily ever afters that will make you swoon. 

Connect with Alexandra Hale:

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