The Harshest Hope | Victoria Lum

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One lie tore us apart.
Another lie forced us back together.

The boy I was forbidden to love became a man with revenge in his eyes.
He was my prince in ripped jeans and tattered books.
I was the girl hiding in her parents’ mansion.
Our love was intense. Passionate. One I thought would last forever.
All it took was one secret, a devastating lie, and I lost everything.
Him. Our future. Hope.
Now he’s back, eleven years later.
Ruthless. Cunning. Cold. A shark in a business suit.
Adrian Scott built his empire on revenge.
He hates me, and I’m next in his plan.
I’m supposed to pretend to date him. Another lie. A smokescreen.
To fool the world into thinking The Shark is finally settling down.
I have no choice but to do as he asks or lose everything.
However, he still knows every curve and secret my body holds.
The lines between our lies and my heart blur more and more.
And I wonder if loving him is the harshest hope.

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My Thoughts:

I asked for angst and angst is what I got! WOW! Adrian and Emily’s story gave me such a huge book hang over that I’m not sure I want to get over. Books like this are exactly what I want to read more often. A book that reaches in, grabs you heart and soul, nearly rips them out, and gently puts them back.

Adrian has it rough growing up. It has a vast effect on the adult he becomes. He consistently gets knocked down, no matter how hard he works to rise above poverty. He loves Emily like something fierce, although, I see the fear he has of not being enough for her when it all comes down to a point. It creates a weakness within him — one that he vows to conquer as an adult.

Emily comes from a life of money and privilege. She loves Adrian, regardless of the material things that he has. The material possessions don’t make up for what she lacks in regard to a relationship with her own mother. She has a great head on her shoulders, ready to prove to the world that love conquers everything.

But as fate has it, these two part ways when Emily goes off to school. But when they circle back to each other, THAT is when my heart ripped out of my body. For so long, Adrian has harbored dark feelings and emotions, yet underneath, we still see that boy who gives his all just to be seen. His growth far surpasses Emily’s, yet it’s exactly how it should be. It’s not easy and definitely not fluff in regard to the anger and resentment that Adrian holds. It’s raw. Revengeful. Ravishing. All-consuming!

I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Victoria is a lover of all things romance, including movies, books, and television shows. A hopeless romantic since childhood, she is always dreaming up stories and happily ever afters. Caramel lattes are her fuel in the morning and she can usually be found reading anything she can get her hands on. She lives with her family and a beautiful Siberian husky in sunny California.

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