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Her white coat hides a dark past, but his blazing touch makes her want to trade peril for passion.

Ice Queen. That’s Dr. Tiffany Hart’s nickname in the hospital, but when she meets red-hot new hire Dr. Ethan Clark she loses her cool. He’s arrogant, annoying, and stupidly handsome.

That’s okay. Frozen from a past filled with danger and betrayal, Tiffany is immune to charming men, even if they remember her favorite coffee and let her pick what to watch on TV.

Dr. Ethan Clark comes from a long line of famous doctors. Wanting to escape his legacy and forge his own path, he’s happy to transfer to Tiffany’s hospital. Especially when he lays eyes on the fiery redhead doctor assigned to train him.

Sure, she looks like she wants to punch him most of the time, but he can’t ignore the sparks between them so he vows to thaw her icy heart.

When Ethan and Tiffany are sent back to his home hospital and then to a medical conference at Disney World, they’re forced to share close quarters. And when Tiffany’s past finally catches up to them, they have to fight for their lives.

Can this prescription for disaster turn into happily ever after?

Paging Dr. Hart is a swoon-inducing, page-turning, medical romance novel. Read if you like enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, reverse grumpy-sunshine, slow-burn chemistry, and pulse-pounding suspense.

Please note–book is offered in TWO different versions:

1) A spicy/open-door version with mild explicit language and sex scenes

2) A sweet/clean/closed-door version with no language and only kissing.

Melissa Dymond wants ALL of her readers to feel comfortable, so please choose the best version for you.

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This new-to-me author instantly grabbed my attention and now I want to go back and read her other book – Holiday Star. She excelled at creating relatable characters and emotions from start to finish!

I typically don’t like jumping back and forth between timelines as I feel like the momentum is lost or dulled to an extent. However, throughout this book, I felt like each flashback enhanced when we would jump back to the present moment. It slowly peeled back the layers of Tiffany, allowing us to experience her growth right along with her.

When Tiffany meets Ethan, I love that it begins when he corrects her. As we weave back and forth to her past, we begin to understand her need to be on the defensive with everyone. And when we get to know Ethan, it becomes clear that he’s exactly who Tiffany needs to push her out of the protective zone she’s created. He’s attentive, supportive, and very intuitive when it comes to his Tiffy! You can’t help but love him!

Overall, I felt like the story was developed well from the characters to the setting and everything in-between. The slow burn is fueled with moments that pull you in and make you feel invested in these two finding their HEA!

About Melissa Dymond

Melissa Dymond is a mom, doctor, and writer. When she’s not working, you can find her drinking an iced white chocolate mocha while voraciously reading, scrolling social media, or planning her family’s next Disney vacation.

Always surrounded by boys, Melissa lives with her doctor husband, three amazing sons, and her adorable Siberian husky dog, Buddy.

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