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My nemesis is back. Now I’m stuck as his partner for our high school reunion challenges.

Kiernan McGill.

The boy who found every way to taunt, prank, and humiliate me, so long as he came out winning.

Just the sound of his name boils my blood and sends lightning bolts down my spine.

Now he’s back, teaching and coaching football at our Alma mater.

I try hard to keep my distance, but we keep running into each other.

Then he rescues my pup from danger and disarms me with warm glances and kind gestures.

Now I’m finding it hard not to notice that the king of pranks may have actually changed his old ways.

Our Cranberry Creek High reunion brings more surprises as well.

His dark eyes now sparkle with something other than mischief, and that ol’ impish smirk suddenly looks unexpectedly… kissable.

As old wounds begin to give way to hesitant forgiveness, I find myself questioning everything I thought I knew.

Perhaps the boy who loved to win could actually be the man worth losing my heart to.

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I love a sweet romance that has relatable characters and situations, and this one was fun! I have no desire to go back to my own high school or a reunion, for that matter, but this was fun to live vicariously through the characters. A big part that I gleaned from the book is how much we tend to hold onto who someone was as a teenager and often let it overshadow who they grow into. I found myself frequently laughing as Ella had to learn that lesson with Kiernan. Both characters are well-developed with likeable qualities that make you root for them to find a HEA together. If you’re looking for a quick, sweet, and clean romance, try this one! I will be checking out the other books in the series, too.

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She appreciates the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, & Beauty in this messy but magnificent life she has been blessed with, & she hopes to make a meaningful difference while here.

Dreaming of being a writer/publisher since writing her first story in 5th grade, it’s her own dream-come-true to finally bring lovable characters to life on the page & at last introduce them to the world!