Face of Greed | James L’Etoile

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Face of Greed

by James L’Etoile

November 6 – December 1, 2023 Virtual Book Tour

Greed, corruption, and betrayal— no murder is as simple as it seems

When a prominent Sacramento businessman is killed and his wife injured in a brutal home invasion, Detective Emily Hunter and her partner, Javier Medina, are called to investigate. At first glance it seems like a crime of opportunity gone horribly wrong, but Emily soon finds there might be more to both the crime and the dead man.

The high-stakes investigation also comes at a time when Emily is caring for her mother who has early-onset Alzheimer’s, and Emily struggles to balance her job with her personal life. The city’s political elite want the case solved quickly, but darker forces want it buried.

Could there have been a motive behind the attack, making it more than a random home invasion? Emily uncovers clues that cause her to reconsider her understanding of the crime. A deadly game of greed and deception pulls Emily deeper into the shadowy world of gang violence and retribution. She has to walk the razor’s edge to identify the killer—without becoming the next victim.

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My Thoughts:

James L’Etoile is a master! He used his time behind the walls of a prison to gather intel and create a book that every thriller/procedural lover needs to put their nose in. This book had me so captivated and immersed in the action that I didn’t even have time to really think until I finished the last sentence.

Detective Emily Hunter is contending with a heavy plate. She has a demanding job that shifts to a new level when it involves people aligned with politics and money. Even though it’s her job to investigate, she’s practically put on a leash that only extends as far as certain people will allow. That’s not how she operates and I admired how she remained steadfast in pushing back to get the answers she needed. Add in the situation she’s having to carry in regard to her mother, Emily is a force to be reckoned with all on her own.

From the moment you start reading, I felt like I was absorbed into the crime shows I love watching. The details are rich and vivid, pulling you in for a ride that takes your breath. You’ll find yourself fully-engrossed in realistic imagery that makes your heart pound a little harder and your senses fire at a higher caliber. Excellent read for lovers of procedurals that have a thrilling element!

Praise for Face of Greed:

“An incredible story that grabs you by the throat and tosses you across the room. L’Etoile is a gem.”
—J.T. Ellison, USA Today best-selling author

“James L’Etoile is such a talented and terrific storyteller! His real-life experience in the criminal justice system gives his compelling, high-stakes thrillers an authenticity that only a savvy insider can provide. You’ll be turning the pages as fast as you can!”
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today best-selling author

“Smart-mouthed, tough, pull-no-punches Emily will do whatever it takes to solve the case, and she and Javier keep investigating until they finally uncover the tragic, shocking truth. The suspenseful, twist-a-minute, fast-moving plot . . . make[s] this an outstanding must-read.”
Booklist (Starred Review)

Face of Greed is yet another fantastic offering from James L’Etoile, thoroughly enjoyable, a true winner—Bravo!”
—Baron Birtcher Los Angeles Times best-selling author

“L’Etoile’s long career in California criminal justice lends veracity to this page-turner—the courtrooms and precincts feel uncommonly lived-in. Admirers of strong female protagonists will be eager to see more from Hunter down the line.”
Publishers Weekly

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller, Procedural
Published by: Oceanview Publishing
Publication Date: November 2023
Number of Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781608095889 (ISBN10: 1608095886)
Series: Detective Emily Hunter, Book 1

About the Author:

James L’Etoile uses his twenty-nine years behind bars as an influence in his award-winning novel, short stories, and screenplays. He is a former associate warden in a maximum-security prison, a hostage negotiator, and director of California’s state parole system. Black Label earned the Silver Falchion for Best Book by an Attending Author at Killer Nashville and he was nominated for The Bill Crider Award for short fiction. Dead Drop garnered a Lefty and Anthony Award nomination, and a Silver Falchion Award, and a PSWA win for best novel.

Connect with James L’Etoile:

BookBub – @crimewriter
Instagram – @authorjamesletoile
Twitter/X – @JamesLEtoile
Facebook – @AuthorJamesLetoile

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    Didn’t you love Emily? <3

    Fantastic review! Thanks so much!

  2. James L'Etoile

    Shelly! Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I truly appreciate it and you. So happy you enjoyed Emily’s story.

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