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With the name Holliday, you’d think I’d be all about the Christmas season. Most years, I am, but this one not so much. Between my ex being a real Scrooge-in-the-backside, re-entering the workforce, wrangling my two children, and evading my eight-year-old’s questions about Santa’s existence, I’m struggling to believe in the magic myself.

Enter Nick, my next-door neighbor. My very hot, single, fireman neighbor. He’s full of the seasonal spirit from hanging my outdoor Christmas lights to playing Santa for the local church breakfast.

Funny thing about Nick, he kind of resembles the man in red, in a younger, sexier, silver fox way, complete with snow in his beard but rather tight abs suggesting cookies are not part of his diet when they are a staple of mine.

Anywho, he’s sweet in a rugged sense, and if he were the man making a list and checking it twice, I’d like to be in his naughty column. Because something tells me being a little naughty-ish with Nick from next door might bring me tidings of comfort and restore my joy in this season.

When he discovers I have a seasonal list myself, he’s determined to help me accomplish all the to-dos, only falling in love with my next-door neighbor wasn’t one of them.

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My Thoughts:

Quick question — can we all get a Nick under our tree if we’re naughty-ish? Purely asking for a friend. Yeah. We’ll go with that.

Holliday and Nick were incredibly fun and bring the best kind of naughtiness to the holiday season with this book. I loved how LB Dunbar reversed the grumpy/sunshine trope by making Holliday the grump. She’s attempting to give her kids a great holiday season, but she’s overwhelmed. As a mom, I could totally relate!

Nick is everything Holliday needs (and wants!) to re-center and focus on what is truly important for the season. He has such a big heart! I love how attentive he is to her and when she meets his family, friends, coworkers, etc., they know all about his interest. Once you get to know more personal details about Nick, your heart will swoon even harder over his actions.

I love how LB Dunbar puts Holliday’s ex and her dealings with him on a real level. Made her hesitations and reservations with Nick understandable. Her kids are cute, adding another touch that makes this such a good read for the season!

About the Author:

L.B. Dunbar loves flip-flops, sweet tea, and a little heat in her romance reads. A lover of sexy silver foxes, second chances, and small towns, you’ll find all this and more in her signature work the #sexysilverfox collection. She’s a USA TODAY Bestselling Author as well as a #1 Bestseller in Amazon’s Later in Life Romance with her Lakeside Cottage and Road Trips & Romance series. L.B. lives in Chicago with her own sexy silver fox.

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