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Getting pregnant in college wasn’t part of the plan, but I’ll never regret giving birth to the best part of me. Even if my parents did disown me for it. 

A fresh start in a small town seems like a good idea, until a handsome stranger shows me a little kindness and has me feeling things, I thought I’d never feel again… things I have no business feeling about a man I just met. 

Every time I turn around, Maverick is there. One thing inevitably leads to another and my newfound friend comes with benefits. I’m doing my best to hold it all together, but the truth is, when I see him with my daughter, I know I’ve already fallen too far.


From the moment Stella rolled into town, she’s had my attention. Since that moment, I’ve been determined to befriend the sexy single mom who’s down on her luck. 

Stella has fallen on hard times, but something tells me she’ll never take a handout. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to help, so of course I put in a good word to get her a job. She’s smart enough to know I had a hand in it, but that’s what friends are for, right? 

With each day that passes, Stella becomes more than just a friend. She’s my best friend—who I apparently can’t keep my hands off. She’s worried we’re complicating things, but screw that. Blurred lines or not, I ask her to stay anyway.

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Each book of the Kincaid Brothers series keeps setting the bar higher and higher for book boyfriends! Maverick instantly reminded me of my husband as we met when my own children were 2 years and 6 months. The giddiness from the moment Mav meets Stella and Ada was impossible to hide while I was reading.

Stella had already been through so much and I love how Maverick pulls her into the Kincaid family under the guise as a “friend”. It’s obvious that his heart is way ahead of his brain from the start. She has been choosing her daughter since the moment she found out she was pregnant, only to have those she thought loved and supported her to turn their world upside down.

Maverick has notoriously said he wouldn’t do all the things his brothers have done, yet when he falls, that good ol family motto proves that he’s a Kincaid to the fullest extent – Work hard. Love harder. He begins forming a bond with Stella and Ada, giving them so much love and support in the process.

Both Mav and Stella insist that they are “just friends”, yet we see that deep, never-ending love develop strong roots. I adored how we get to see their love bloom without feeling rushed. Stella also builds bonds with his brothers and their wives, seamlessly bringing her into their family without hesitation from any of them.

Mav and Stella will make your heart feel full, happy, and giddy over seeing one of the twins find his happily ever after (times two!). I’m excited to read Merrick’s story next and discover the woman who brings him the magic of the Kincaid family love!


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