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The woman I love has always been off-limits. She was my best friend’s fiancée… and now my new roommate.

I thought I was used to pain. Harper dated my best friend for years, and I was going to be the best man at their wedding. Until she blows up the engagement and shows up in London with a new job.

Being friends never worked for me. That’s why I moved away. But here I am, unable to resist her again. And when I see the tiny, unsafe apartment she’s renting? I insist she move into my giant Kensington townhouse. Roommates. Should be fine.

Or not. Because I find Harper’s “thirty things by thirty” list and decide to help her fulfill it. Showing her around London, taking her on trips, sleeping in the same bed… helping her explore things her ex was never interested in.

But it doesn’t matter how close we get, because Harper is newly single, unimpressed by my wealth, and doesn’t know I’m love with her. One wrong move and I might ruin this relationship forever.

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Set in London and with the leading man being Nate, I fell right into this book and didn’t want to let go! Nate’s feelings are evident and deeper than the start of this book. He’s been pining after his best friend’s gal for a while and he takes his chance to discover what the truth behind the break up was. After seeing her awful rental that is falling apart, he decides to move her in with him.

I love how sweet Nate is and the way he builds a deeper friendship with Harper. Together, they both find a happiness that is far beyond what they’ve felt with others. I love Harper’s list and how she begins to blossom, finding her roots again and listening to her heart.

Seeing Harper come to life about art and how Nate opens up, giving us glimpses what’s been under those suits. Absolutely a beautiful transition for both of them! I’m sad to see this final book for the series, but it was perfection!

About Olivia Hayle

Olivia loves billionaire heroes despite never having met one in person. Taking matters into her own hands, she creates them on the page instead. Stern, charming, cold or brooding, so far she’s never met a (fictional) billionaire she didn’t like.

A voracious reader of romance, Olivia picked up the pen a few years back and what followed was nothing short of a love affair of her own. Now she spends her days giggling at the steamy banter she’s writing or swooning at their happily-ever-afters.

Smart and sexy romance—those are her lead themes.

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