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Parker Neeley had the perfect man, an amazing job, and an apartment that screamed “I have my life together, what’s your excuse?” She had everything any girl her age could wish for, but when her fiance dumps her for his high school sweetheart, she sees her life slowly unravel at the seams.

Cut to three months later. Parker quits her job and is prepared to move back home as a final sign of defeat, but she receives the perfect excuse to leave her problems behind her. She heads to the east coast to house sit for three months and she couldn’t be happier to put some distance between her and her old life. Parker sees this summer as an opportunity to figure out her next steps and hopefully find some adventure along the way.

Soon her “adventure” breaks into her backyard in the middle of the night in the form of Ben Cooper, her new neighbor for the summer. At first, she sees him as another cocky jerk with poor little rich boy syndrome, but soon Parker realizes he’s the perfect love interest and she wants to tell his story.

What to Expect:

☀️ Friends to Lovers

☀️ Slow Burn

☀️ Meet Cute

☀️ Hot Neighbor

☀️ Beach-Town Escape

☀️ Book Lover

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What a delightful read! I felt the emotion that Tyra Lynn put into the characters and plot which helped draw me into this enjoyable friends-to-lovers read. When the word love is used, we automatically think the “romantic” kind, but this book also gives us the importance of self-love.

I love how Parker picks back up on novel-writing. It feels like she grasps at some of her roots to pull herself back up and reconnect with who she wants to be moving forward. Ben helps bring a lot of this to the forefront and I adored their banter. They each had flaws that only added to their likability.

I will definitely be checking back in for future releases from this author!

About the Author:

Tyra Lynn is a passionate writer from a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania. An avid reader herself, Tyra has always had a fervent love for literature. She can often be found immersed in the pages of a new novel, eagerly searching for the next story that will transport her into a world of imagination and emotion. Through her writing, Tyra hopes to transport readers to new and exciting realms, where they can lose themselves in the magic of a well-told story. Trinity Point is Tyra’s first book.

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