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Valentine’s Rebellion | Dani Elias

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I loathe Valentine’s Day, no, I downright despise it. This year, it feels like it’s on steroids. But I refuse to let it get the better of me. There’s only one solution: escape. I manage to persuade my best friend, Coop, to ditch England and embark on a trip to a secluded Canadian village. The place looked charming in the brochure, and surely, a small haven in the middle of nowhere won’t succumb to Valentine’s madness, right? Here’s hoping the weather gods are on our side.

Do I hate Valentine’s Day? Nah, not really. Do I jump on the Valentine’s boycott train with my bestie? Hell, yes! I’d do anything for her. Lizzie and I have been friends for donkey’s years. Just friends. Honestly, I wish she’d see me as more, but she’s made it clear—I’m stuck in the friend zone. Is it messing with my head? You bet. Am I steering clear of her? No way. I need her in my life, taking whatever she’s willing to give. So, here I am, stuck in my own Valentine’s purgatory, heading on a trip with the woman I love, even though she doesn’t feel the same way.

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If you’re looking for a short, to the point, draw you in deep kind of story for Valentine’s Day, don’t skip this read! The character descriptions pulled me directly into the story of what these two were going to experience. And I was NOT disappointed! I love that the characters are older and relatable. Lizzie is a bit of an outward mess and Cooper, although reining as her best friend, is internally a mess himself.

Lizzie is trying to escape the overindulgence of hearts, roses, and all things red/pink/white, so, she plans a vacation to a cold location in Canada that promised nothing of the sorts. Fate decides to step in, bringing snow to them, stranding them with only one option — a B&B full of everything Valentine’s Day and one bed.

Cooper is super swoony and absolute perfection for Lizzie. For a quick read, I felt like we were given so much with these two. Great Valentine’s Day read!

About the Author

Author Dani Elias loves writing about British working-class hotties and the women who are their happily-ever-after. Her MMC and FMC are in their 30s and 40s, looking to finally find their “special someone” in sweet & steamy small town stories.

Dani lives in the South of England and when she is not working on her next book, she is dreaming of her next trip abroad.

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