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Join the Fellside Mountain Rescue team one last time in this eighth and final book of the series.

I love my motorbike, and I’m a tattoo artist; both make me a rebel in the eyes of the villagers at Fellside. Especially the little spitfire running the shop next door gets her knickers in a twist whenever she sees me. It doesn’t help that I enjoy pushing her buttons whenever I can. I don’t let a snob like her take me down.

I am usually a calm and collected person. I have to be when dealing with the rich and not-so-famous every day. But Ryan is just too infuriating for his own good. I swear he goes out of his way to get my backup. If only I could wipe that smirk off his pretty face. Did I say pretty? Forget I ever said that.

Ride with Meย can be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone novella. It is a book for mature audiences and readers should pay attention to the trigger warnings.

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Short, steamy, and later-in-life characters. Hmmm. No wonder I love the Fellside Mountain Rescue Series — all those adjectives can be used to describe me! Both of the characters are in their early 40’s and living life on their terms. The banter of these two business neighbors is entirely satisfying in every way. I love how Jane is playing by the rules to start, but once she actually starts speaking to Ryan, the blinders come off and we see her perspective shift. He ignites a fire in her that needed to be released. And trust me, you’ll want to read right through the entire book to see it flicker into an inferno!

This is my second book that I’ve read of the series, but it’s a breath of fresh air at how easily we can connect to everyone, including the side characters. We get right to the heart of the story without all the fluff. You can’t help but feel satisfied and happy with Ryan and Jane.

About the Author:

Author Dani Elias loves writing about British working-class hotties and the women who are their happily-ever-after. Her MMC and FMC are in their 30s and 40s, looking to finally find their โ€œspecial someoneโ€ in sweet & steamy small town stories.

Dani lives in the South of England and when she is not working on her next book, she is dreaming of her next trip abroad.

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