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Myles Foster: CEO, thief, broody grump. And, once upon a time, the boy who read me stories when it stormed. My brothers hate him for the knowledge he took from our family’s bourbon company to start his own empire. My sisters have forgotten him. But me? I’m going to be his new assistant.

To him, I’m just a temp with a deep knowledge about the world of spirits. But if I come clean about just where I got that know-how, he’ll toss me out before I can find out what happened to the boy who calmed my fears.

How did the angry foster kid with a chip on his shoulder the size of Montana become the owner of a respected distillery? How did he get my adoptive father to show him so much of the family business, only to run away and become a huge competitor?

How could he disappear from our lives and forget me when I could never forget him?

He doesn’t trust easily, and I’m only in his office because of a lie. But if that lie will get me all the answers I’ve been craving for twenty-two years, then that’s what I’ll do, right up until the moment he finally remembers who I am. And then it’ll be my turn to disappear.

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Instantly, I fell in love with Wynter, Myles, the Kerrigan sisters, and the Bailey family. This is going to be a phenomenal series as we watch each sibling fall. If you haven’t read the novella, Bourbon Batchelor, I suggest grabbing it so you can get a feel for the eldest, Tate Bailey, and the meddling (in the best way!) Kerrigan sisters.

Myles had a rough upbringing that he’s attempted to block out. Wynter has never forgotten how safe he made her feel. Both were foster kids, but Wynter ended up being adopted by the Bailey family. Myles seemingly takes off, leaving them all high and dry. As you learn his secrets and the connection he’s held onto in regard to the Bailey family, you’ll fall deeply in love with him!

Wynter’s obsession seems a bit over-the-top at first, but as you learn her motivation behind it and see the connection between her and Myles, it becomes tragically beautiful. Both characters grow and become such good people, despite the past they’ve endured. Their fight to make it happen makes for a book that I couldn’t put down!

One of my favorite parts:

Wynter: You’re looking at me like that.

Myles: Like what?

Wynter: Like you want me for dessert.

Myles: You’re my favorite sweet.

Now to patiently wait for Summer’s book!

About the Author:

I live the dream in my own slice of paradise where I get to enjoy colorful sunsets from my rocking chair while I’m working. I have my very own romance hero with Mr. Rose and there’s more than a few little rose buds running around. A couple aren’t so little anymore! We keep things interesting with cats and a dog and the critters that roam through the yard (fingers crossed the mountain lions stay away).

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