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I’ve been a recluse since the accident, but there was a wedding I refused to miss. I just never expected to come home with the bride.

Now, I have a runaway bride in my Montana cabin who needs time to lick her wounds. Summer Kerrigan is as bright as her name, even on her worst of days. Too bad she’s been off-limits since she dated my brother in high school. It doesn’t matter that fifteen years have passed since we lost him. She was his. She’ll never be mine.

When she goes back down the mountain, I can’t forget her.

Turns out I don’t have to.

When she surprises me with another visit just before a blizzard snows us in together, staying away from her becomes impossible. It’s tempting to let her all the way in, except every time she’s come into my life, the bourbon empire heiress has left again to return to her own. One I’m not a part of. One I can never be a part of. Unless this damaged mountain man can find a way to keep up with his pretty bourbon runaway.

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Even if the sun is shining outside, you’re going to love getting snowed in (twice!) with Summer and Jonah! These two have a past that is full of unresolved feelings and emotions that make this book another amazing installment of the series.

Summer has had to deal with a lot of loss in her life. First her parents and then her high school sweetheart. But when we start the book, it’s Summer, herself, that she’s about to lose. Boyd and his mother are insufferable and deserve so much more of a reaction than what they got. She has such a vibrant, giving soul and it nearly broke me thinking she was losing that.

Jonah was in an accident that caused him to become a recluse and lose his brother at the same time. He’s spent years hiding from his past, burying the emotion deeper than the snow he gets up on the mountain. His healing journey steals the show for the book and brought me to tears a few times. Underneath the grumpy exterior, he’s an attentive, beautiful soul.

The secrets these two have hidden from themselves, each other, their families, etc. nearly destroy their second chance. The steam comes a little later in this book, but is completely worth the journey to those incredible moments. You can feel the entire connection between these two from start to finish.

On top of being well-written, the covers of this series are GORGEOUS! Can’t wait for Autumn and Gideon’s book next. These sisters are all getting their HEA’s and I’m here for all of it!!

About the Author:

I live the dream in my own slice of paradise where I get to enjoy colorful sunsets from my rocking chair while I’m working. I have my very own romance hero with Mr. Rose and there’s more than a few little rose buds running around. A couple aren’t so little anymore! We keep things interesting with cats and a dog and the critters that roam through the yard (fingers crossed the mountain lions stay away).

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