Caught in the Axe | Daphne Elliot

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Off Limits.

She’s too young for me.

Too nice for me.

And she’s my little brother’s ex-girlfriend.

So why can’t I keep my hands, and my heart, to myself?

Lila Webster is my temporary assistant. That’s it. But I’m distracted by her gorgeous face, her sharp mind, and the sunshiny smile that burns straight into my grumpy soul.

I’m determined to keep my head down and my hands off. In a few weeks, I’ll head back to my life in Boston and leave behind the moose, the lumberjacks, and the crazy small-town gossip.

But between the thefts, break-ins, and constant danger, my family is counting on me to clean up the mess my criminal father left behind. And she’s the only person I trust to help. Our late nights, road trips, and inside jokes bring us too close and make it difficult to stay away.

And soon, I can’t stop myself from taking what’s not mine.

We’ve both been burned by the small-town rumor mill, so we agree to sneak around. But things don’t stay secrets in Lovewell for long, and it’s only a matter of time before we get caught in the act.

I know that when I go, I’ll be forced to leave my heart behind. Because no matter how badly I want her, she can never truly be mine.

Authors Note: Caught in the Axe is a standalone small-town romance featuring a nerdy, grumpy lumberjack with a heart of gold hidden under his flannel shirt and a sunshine ex-beauty queen who loves to challenge him. If you enjoy flirty banter, wood chopping, moose shenanigans, and possessive mountain men, then take a trip to Lovewell and meet the Maine Lumberjacks.

Welcome to Lovewell, Maine, where the moose outnumber the people and you can’t swing an axe without hitting a hot, grumpy lumberjack. The Maine Lumberjacks Series are ALL standalones but are most fun when read in order!

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It feels so good to be back in the arms of a lumbersnack — Um, I mean, back into the books! As much as I fell for the Gagnon family, I have a feeling that these Hebert’s are going to wreak havoc on my heart in the best way! Finn kicked things off, but Owen comes in, shoulders a ton of responsibility and makes me fall for him, too.

Owen’s reluctance to coming back to Lovewell makes his fall so much sweeter of a journey. His grumpiness is endearing (even though he’d probably had scoffed at the if he’d been told at the start) and his willingness to drop everything he has going personally to help his family makes him a keeper. He tries to tell himself (and Lila) that they can’t have more than a working relationship. Yet, he shows her with actions, kind moments, and such a big, giving heart! That means so much more than words could ever say.

Lila’s past has set the stage for the woman she is today and reading her is like the evolution of a caterpillar into a butterfly. I love how she became a voice for herself, with Owen being a true support. He didn’t just tell her what she wanted to hear — he tells her what she NEEDS to hear. I enjoyed watching how she navigated the changes that came along with growth in regard to her life’s game plan. Sometimes, change is exactly what we need and I’m glad Lila found that.

Both Owen and Lila found themselves desperately wanting out of Lovewell when it turns out, all they had to do was come together to find exactly what they were looking for. The Hebert’s are full of surprises, and I can’t wait to unlock all of them throughout the series!

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About the Author:

In High School, Daphne Elliot was voted “most likely to become a romance novelist.” After spending the last decade as a corporate lawyer, she has finally embraced her destiny. Her small town steamy novels are filled with flirty banter, sexy hijinks, and lots and lots of heart.

Daphne is a coffee-drinking, hot-sauce loving introvert who spends all her free time in her garden. She lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, two kids, two dogs, twelve backyard chickens and a hive of Italian honeybees.

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