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Ben Clark is my everything.

He’s my shoulder to cry on, the person I laugh with the hardest, and the one person I can always be myself around. Which is exactly why I’d never date him.

Then, my world falls apart on my twenty-seventh birthday. My picture perfect boyfriend leaves, my grandmother’s business is on life support, and my dreams of a family feel further away than ever.

But Ben’s by my side. Just like always. He’ll get me through the next year. He’ll help me find the man I’m supposed to be with.

Only what happens if he’s that guy?

Thea Dawson just needs time.

I’ve always been the rock in our friendship: steady and unchanging. But a weekend getaway shakes the core of our relationship, leaving us both unsure of what happens next.

Still, Thea and I, we make sense. And I’ve already waited twenty-seven years. I can hang in a little longer until she’s ready to admit that we’re meant to be together.

Just Best Friends is a best friends to lovers, small town romance. If you love unbreakable friendships, finding a future in the past, and small town antics, you’ll love this sweet and spicy romance.

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My Thoughts:

Thea has always been one of my favorite characters in Franklin Notch and I love how her and Ben’s story is full of moments that make you giggle and swoon. These two have been attached at the hip since birth, sharing the same birthday and often the same bed. It’s always been on a “Just Best Friends” level. I love their backstory and how much Ben’s family loves Thea as one of their own. Deep down, it’s easy to see how everyone was simply waiting for these two to open their eyes and see what is right in front of them.

I loved how Ben is incredibly patient throughout the book, giving Thea every crazy moment she needs to come to terms with what their hearts have been screaming all along. He nudges her in the right direction while still giving her space to reign in her overthinking. He keeps his persona has her best friend to the outside world, but when they’re alone, wow! The depth of Ben’s feelings for Thea are spicy, passionate, and make your insides feel like goo!

Franklin Notch has been full of quirky characters who have become like family and friends. I have so many other stories I’d love to hear about the small town. This is an instant buy now to complete my hard copy for my bookshelves!

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