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As Norwalk Breakers’ star quarterback, I’m used to pressure.

But nothing could prepare me for the media firestorm after my very public breakup. Now, sponsors are fleeing, and the fans are turning on me.

Enter Cassandra Barton. Her fiery free spirit might be exactly what my fractured public persona needs, and as my trainer’s little sister, she’s completely off limits.

But the more time we spend together, the more I don’t want to keep her on the sidelines.

My life has been one giant “maybe later.”

Maybe later on the career, maybe later on love. Maybe later has worked for me. Until Diego Salazar, superstar quarterback, scores a touchdown on my sense of adventure.

Pretend to date football’s most eligible bachelor? Yes, please.

He’s everything I’m not – disciplined, focused, driven. And he’s making me think that “maybe later” could start right now. Second Down Fake is a Norwalk Breakers football romance with a confident, cocky quarterback, a free-spirited Jill-of-all-trades, and a fake romance that feels all too real.

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I absolutely devoured this book in one afternoon! Diego and Cassandra are all-consuming with their storyline giving you plenty of laughs and fake relationship that quickly turns real with plenty of emotions.

These two crossed paths a few years ago, so they don’t have to build the relationship completely from scratch. Cassandra is exactly the picture of who Diego needs to be seen with to turn his reputation around and regain the trust of both fans and sponsors. Cassandra has a need for adventure and Diego is exactly that. I love how they balance each other with a bit of opposites attract energy.

One of my favorite aspects is how Cassandra helps Diego find that adventurous side within himself. In turn, Diego provides a stable, secure foundation for helping her find confidence in herself, decisions, and a peace with her family’s judgments of her lifestyle. As their relationship deepens, you can’t help but want them to admit that this fake relationship has always been completely real.

I recommend reading First Down Fake and Sidelined to get a little bit of background, but this was easily read as a standalone.

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