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Top three reasons why I shouldn’t eff around and find out with my older brother’s best friend.

1. He’s eight years older than me.
2. My family would never approve.
3. He’s hiding something.

So we become roommates. And I become his greatest temptation.

I play his game of cat and mouse until we collapse between the sheets with a promise to tell no one.

The only problem is that secrets don’t stay hidden in our small town for long—not our forbidden relationship or the pasts we’re both running from.

Smooth as Whiskey is book 4 in the Valentine Texas Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but they do interconnect. This is a small-town, older brother’s best friend, secret relationship, contemporary romance book with a happily ever after.

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Remi has been a bit elusive in the first part of the series but now, we get to learn why and fall in love with her and Cash! 7 years in the making, these two give us all the spice, heat, and LOVE that is as smooth as whiskey!

If you’ve read the first three book of the series, then you know how hard-headed the Valentine bunch can be. But as much as they are set in their ways and protective of one another, they love just as hard. Remi struggles to outwardly share her heart mostly because of her brothers — but once she does, I love seeing how they’ve softened in their own ways thanks to Summer and Grace.

Getting to see a bit of Remi and Cash’s story in The Wife Situation was such a tease, yet I knew it’d be worth the wait when we got their whole story. Cash is super sweet and full of the best book boyfriend surprises. From the letter-writing to the picture on his dash, I think we all could use a little Cash in our lives!

About Lyra Parish

Lyra Parish is a hopeless romantic who enjoys creating characters who eventually find love. She likes to write Texas small-town romances (because she’s a fifth-generation Texan) along with action-packed romantic suspense. When she isn’t immersed in fictional worlds, you can find her on YouTube chatting about her self-publishing journey (The Courtney Project) or podcasting (Spread Those Pages) about romance books. Lyra is a Virgo who loves coffee, the great outdoors, authentic people, and living her best life with her hubby. You may or may not know her from when she co-wrote under the USA Today Bestselling pen name Kennedy Fox.

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